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Third bulletin for 2015 is out

Bulletin 3/2015 is out. You get read it from here.

Pictures from the trip to USA available in Gallery

Selected pictures from trip to USA (summer 2014) available in here.

Travelogue, abridgement

abridgement of travelogue, written by Pekka Piironen has been published.

Description File format Date added
Bulletin 3/2015 PDF (.pdf) In English 28.11.2015 / 28th of November 2015
Bulletin 2/2015 PDF (.pdf) In English 16.8.2015 / 16th of August 2015
Bulletin 1/2015 PDF (.pdf) In English 20.4.2015 / 20th of April 2015
PROGRAM July 11th and 12th 2015 PDF (.pdf) In English 20.4.2015 / 20th of April 2015
Bulletin 1/2014 PDF (.pdf) In English 22.9.2014 / 22th of September 2014
Travelogue, abridgment PDF (.pdf) In English 25.7.2014 / 25th of July 2014
Itinerary, final 2014 PDF (.pdf) In English 23.4.2014 / 23th of April 2014
Itinerary 2014 PDF (.pdf) In English 27.10.2013 / 27th of October 2013
Bulletin 2/2013 PDF (.pdf) In English 27.10.2013 / 27th of October 2013
Y-DNA Piira Research in English PDF (.pdf) In English 23.9.2013 / 23th of September 2013
Bulletin 1/2013 PDF (.pdf) In English 18.5.2013 / 18th of May 2013
Bulletin 2/2012 PDF (.pdf) In English 14.10.2012 / 30th of January 2012
Bulletin 1/2012 PDF (.pdf) In English 30.1.2012 / 30th of January 2012
Bulletin 2/2011 PDF (.pdf) In English 31.10.2011 / 31th of October 2011
Bulletin 1/2011 PDF (.pdf) In English 19.6.2011
Bulletin 3/2010 published 29.11.2010 PDF (.pdf) In English 29.11.2010

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